The things you own end up owning you
Stoner Fail #1



This police officer used some of the weed he confiscated to make pot brownies. He and his wife had a little too much, and the resulting 911 call is hilarious.

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Have A Goddamn Spine: Kickstarter, Date Rape Manuals, and How Your Nerd Shit Doesn't Matter


In the endless madness of consumerism and the Internet, the crowdfunding service Kickstarter allowed a book project titled “Above the Game” to use and receive money through their service, to the total of $16,000 dollars. An unofficial sequel/competitor to “The Game” by Neil Strauss of Pickup…

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Alcohol has never caused anyone to do something they didn’t want to. It only enables them to do what they’e always wanted but repressed Neil Strauss
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Rock On